Tofu Train Salad

Hina's playgroup is in the afternoon today. As she had late breakfast this morning, she didn't want anything heavy for lunch. So I made her a salad before sending her to class.
I used beancurd cubes, sausages, cheese, seaweed, tomatoes and lettuce for her Train Salad.
No boiling or frying required. Quick but healthy :)

Vegetables Mini Bento

As most kids meals at the restaurants don't come with green vegetables (green peas at most). I would usually pack a small container of salad or boiled green vegetables for Hina to go with her meal when we eat-out.

Bento Tip:
- Maintain freshness of the vegetables by freezing them.
- Boil a batch of broccoli, store them in small containers and put them in the freezer, so if you are in a rush to go out, you can just transfer them to the lunchbox. They will be defrost in 1-2 hours and ready to be eaten.